Some of our design work


Domestic interior design

This is an example of a domestic interior design project that followed on from a declutter and organising job. We created a bespoke bathroom and reinvigorated the house.


Consulting room design

We created this consulting room for an Image Consultant earlier this year, transforming a guest room into a professional space for work with her clients.


Workplace design

38 Degrees asked us to design a series of varied, flexible work areas. We made use of recycled timber and new custom-built furniture. A unique hexagonal carpet design helped to define areas of the space within an open plan layout and introduce hints of their branding.  The outcome? A beautiful space with a light, calm and spacious feel, that fosters effective team working and improves wellbeing.


Quiet Room design

Marie Curie commissioned us to transform an underused Christian chapel into a non-denominational space that was inviting and accessible to people from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Our brief was to create an inclusive, warm, holding, soothing and inspiring space.

To find out about the design of quiet rooms, office design for wellbeing and other interior design services, click here to visit the Ministry of Calm website.