People often ask me how to declutter. I think re-organising your home is like reclaiming an overgrown garden. It takes three stages until it is beautiful again.

  • Firstly, weeding – clearing out that clutter.
  • Secondly, planting plan – deciding where things are going to live.
  • And finally, maintenance – setting up systems that work for you and keeping on top of it.

How to declutter: Stage 1, weeding

This stage is all about rolling up our sleeves and diving into the piles together. You’ll learn how to declutter using my proven and carefully developed process. We’ll start to get rid of that unwanted clutter in no time.

How to declutter - stage one, weeding

How to declutter: Stage 2, planting

Next I’ll work with you to create a personally-tailored plan – a mind map and structure for where things live and what goes where. I’ll help you put systems in place that are designed to meet your needs, how you live in your space, your temperament and lifestyle. All based on the vision we wrote together in your discovery session.

How to declutter - stage two, planting

How to declutter: Stage 3, maintaining

Some habits are hard to change. For long-term success, simply knowing how to declutter may not be enough, regular mentoring sessions with 
an expert over a period of time work best. My exclusive mentoring service is the prefect solution for people who want to kick the habit once and for all. Profound change doesn’t happen in an instant, but it can begin the instant you commit.

Read more about my mentoring programme of nine 2-hour sessions over one year.

How to declutter - stage three, maintaining


For people who really want to make a radical change and leave the memories of that old cluttered life behind. I will work closely with you to redesign your spaces, transforming them so they works perfectly for your personality and lifestyle. Think of it as shedding a skin and really embracing the best living space you can imagine for yourself.

Whether it’s just one room or your whole house, come home to a wonderful space that relaxes and inspires you. Combining my knowledge of your situation and vision with my expert and experienced eye as an interior designer, I will transform your home into a place where you feel uplifted and recharged.

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