Congratulations! By seeking out my decluttering services, you've acknowledged the need for change. This is the first step towards a calm and clutter-free space.

Decluttering helps to create a clear space and clear mind with our decluttering services for your home

Create calm from your clutter with my exclusive decluttering services

I understand that clutter isn’t just about things. It’s often a reflection of having been through one of those difficult periods we all face in life. So when decluttering I focus on working with the whole person, not just the clutter. As well as giving you more room by making better use of the space you have, clearing the clutter in your life will give you greater energy. So you'll have more time to focus on the things you really want to do.

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Decluttering services

I can help you quickly and easily:

  • Clear out a guest room, attic, garage or summer house.
  • Organise filing systems and storage solutions so they work for you.
  • Clear and design a room for rent or AirbnB.
  • Let go of clothes you never wear and things you never use.
  • Prepare for a move, so you streamline your relocation and reduce costs.
  • Sort through possessions at the end of a relationship or after a bereavement.

How to declutter your home

Reorganising your home is like reclaiming an overgrown garden.  It takes three stages until it is beautiful again:

Weeding. Firstly, we focus on clearing out that clutter.

Planting plan. Secondly, we decide where things are going to live.

Maintenance. Finally, we set up systems that work for you, meaning you can keep on top of it.

I offer the gold standard in decluttering services so I can help with all of this. We'll focus on getting great results and getting them fast. So you can start to live free of mental and physical clutter as soon as possible.

Naturally, I’ll guide you through the practicalities of clearing space and getting organised with energy and encouragement. But, more importantly, I’ll work with you to help you understand why things got cluttered in the first place. After that we'll put in place carefully tailored systems and processes. As a result, we'll create the space you want and help you to keep it that way.

Together we can really make those shifts happen, so don’t put it off any longer. Make an appointment to talk about your personally-tailored decluttering session now.

Five ways I can help you declutter your home

Looking for help to declutter and organise your home into a calmer, more nurturing, clutter-free space? There are various ways I can support you.

1. Free advice online

2. The Home Declutter Kit

3. One-to-one declutter coaching in your home

4. Mentoring (in person or online)

5. Workshops

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“A kick start to getting my life in order. I was swamped with mess, clutter and stuck in procrastination. I feel a million times lighter and now have room in my cupboard and room in my head for a new start. Helen works with patience support and understanding. Fantastic!"Lyndsey, Stoke Newington

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