If you are looking to declutter and reorganise your home in north London then you may find these decluttering links helpful. I also have plenty of decluttering tips and advice you may find useful.

I hope you find these decluttering links helpful. Please note, I’m not responsible for the accuracy of content on of any websites I link to.

Psychology of clutter

Why are we so attached to things? After witnessing the violent rage shown by babies whenever deprived of an item they considered their own, Jean Piaget – a founding father of child psychology – observed something profound about human nature. That our sense of ownership emerges incredibly early. But why do we become so attached to things? This video by Christian Jarrett details the psychology of ownership

Clutter and ADHD

ADHD is so highly indicated in people who struggle with clutter. So here is a great link with tips. 

These two books offer really helpful Organizing Solutions for People With ADHD

Disposophobia – compulsive hoarding

Compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding or disposophobia) is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Wikipedia.

Clutterers Anonymous

Clutterers Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem with clutter and help each other to recover.  https://clutterersanonymous.org

Custom-built furniture

Decluttering link - logo for Empatika furniture

If you are looking for beautifully-designed, hand-built storage we highly recommend Empatika

Removing items

Large items that you need taking away.  Some charities sell furniture, so check with your local charity or call:

Donate to charity

Charities make good revenue from your donations so please click on these declutter links and donate.  If you support a charitable cause, think of how much they can make use of your unused items.

I support the North London Hospice


Smalls for all

Stripey Stork supports children and parents experiencing hardship. We work in partnership with support services such as children’s centres, health visitors and social service agencies. All donations go directly to the families that they support, and each item to someone who specifically needs it. We collect donations of baby equipment, clothes, toys and other baby essentials and check that they meet current UK safety standards.


Yes, everything you no longer need can be recycled or disposed of safely.


You can find a Green Guide to Selling, Donating and Recycling Old Clothing here.

  • at your local supermarket
Printer cartridges

Recycle all your old pens here

  • The Freecycle Network is a grassroots and entirely non-profit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Here’s a link to London Freecycle groups
  • Furniture Re-Use 
  • Recycle More

Stop paper bills

This is the most important one for people who suffer from piles of unopened bills. If you arrange to receive your bills online those piles of paper will become much smaller. Contact your bank and utilities about going paperless.

Stop junk mail

This is a great way to declutter your doormat and in addition your intray

  • Sign up to the mailing preference scheme and stop a lot of addressed junk mail
  • Join Royal Mails opt-out scheme so they block lots of the unaddressed mail they deliver
  • Put a sticker on your door and as a result, stop the pizza menus and door to door flyposters

Storage solutions

Storage is half the solution to clutter, most people just need to find neat storage and to allocate a home for each item. Maybe, take look at my Pinterest board of storage solutions. You can also try these guys:

Selling stuff

If you have valuable items or just need to earn a bit of extra cash, then here are some ideas for you:

or if you don’t have time….

These guys sell things for you:


I love books, but if your bookshelves are overloaded maybe it’s time to let some of them go and give yourself some breathing space. Try a Kindle and/or sell on some of those less cherished titles here:

Second-hand booksellers
Children’s second-hand books
Donate medical books:

I’m always looking to add more useful tips about decluttering and personal organising. If you have any other decluttering links that might be helpful, then please let me know.