Clutter quiz from Helen Sanderson to see if you have a clutter problem and could benefit from decluttering

My quick, fun clutter quiz helps you find out if you’re calm or cluttered! Just answer the questions and discover if having too much stuff in your life may be stopping you from achieving what you want.

Clutter quiz progress

Do you constantly think about clearing your space but somehow can’t ever bring yourself to do it?

Are your drawers and cupboards full to the brim and things fall out when you open them?

Do you have piles of books you have never read and probably never will?

Are you drowning in junk-mail or have lots of unopened mail lying around?

Do you keep telling yourself that you will clear some space to do a creative project someday soon, but never do?

Do you have an eye for a bargain, like to browse sales and charity shops – only to find your spare room or back yard looking like a car boot sale?

Is your bathroom full of unfinished products, which you cannot throw away because you don’t like waste?

Do you move papers from one place to another and never know where to put them?

Do you have children and find you just no longer have the time to sort things out?

Is there a room, attic or garage that you cannot get into because it is full of your own, your grown up children’€™s, or other peoples stuff?

Are you often late because you can’t ever find your keys, wallet or oyster card because life is chaotic?

Do you sometimes avoid doing the laundry because there is no storage space to put your clean clothes?

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After you’ve taken our clutter quiz

Once you’ve taken our clutter quiz, please feel free to get in touch to book a free consultation if you find that you may have a clutter problem.

We work with clients all over north London and beyond and would be very happy to help with you decluttering project. But if you are thinking of tackling it on your own, why not download our free ebook? The 7 biggest mistakes people make when tackling a declutter project is full of useful tips and advice and so can help you declutter, organise and create a clear and calm space in your home or workplace. Good luck with your project. Please let us know how you get on.