My quick, fun clutter quiz helps you find out if you’re calm or cluttered! Answer the questions and discover if having too much stuff in your life is stopping you achieving what you want.

What the quiz will tell you

Your quiz results will reveal if you have a serious clutter problem, a few issues or are pretty well organised. I’ll give you different tips and advice based on the score you get. And things you can do to get more support if you want it.

Clutter can have many negative impacts on your life and wellbeing. So you may find it helpful to understand your relationship with it it little better. Having a clearer picture of how your personal psychology relates to order and chaos in your home will empower you to take control. As a result you may find it easier to implement the changes you want.

After you’ve taken our clutter quiz

Once you’ve taken our clutter quiz, please get in touch to book a free consultation if you find that you may have a clutter problem.

I work with clients all over north London and beyond and would be very happy to help with you decluttering project. But if you are thinking of tackling it on your own, why not download our free ebook? The 7 biggest mistakes people make when tackling a declutter project is full of useful tips and advice. This means it can help you declutter, organise and create a clear and calm space in your home or workplace. Good luck with your project. Please let me know how you get on.

Enjoy the quiz and I hope to connect with you at the other end.