Clearing Wardrobe Space for the New You

Well organised decluttered wardrobe

A good healthy wardrobe declutter can be good for your soul. They’re a great way to mark a transition and start a new phase in your life. Today we’re familiar with the idea of detoxing our bodies and cleansing the liver or fasting for a few days. In the same way, clearing out unwanted clutter from your wardrobe can really … Read More

For decluttering, real beats online every time

It’s a big day for me, my Kickstarter campaign to fund my Home Declutter Kit went live this weekend. (As some of you know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform to help you launch your creative project.) It’s been my dream to produce a simple decluttering tool with some beautiful imagery to help more people find a way to create more … Read More

What your space reveals about you – survey results

Many of you kindly took the time to compete our survey about how you relate to your space. Thank you. Here are some infographics of the results. I really believe that understanding more about how our spaces can harm or heal us, will help us develop products and services that better meet the needs of our clients. For example A massive 99% of you said that changing your … Read More

New partnership with Empatika

Helen Sanderson, Ministry of Calm, interior design and declutter coach

You’ve recently teamed up with Empatika, who deliver a boutique fitted furniture service. Why is it important for people to have the appropriate storage space in their homes in order to declutter? Clearing is one thing, but putting away is another. If people don’t have adequate storage, then the clutter soon builds up again and all the hard work is … Read More

Space Matters for True Mindfulness

One of the saddest things someone ever told me was that the office loo is his only refuge whenever memories of his wife who died from cancer surface unexpectedly during his workday. Having a high-profile sales job means keeping up a positive persona for his team – but she was his beloved best friend and such moments often bring tears.  … Read More

On a quest for quiet? Check out ‘Stereopublic’ – your urban guide to silence

Ever found yourself craving a moment of quiet in a city full of noise? In our frenetic, technologically driven world it can often be difficult to find space away from the hubbub for quiet contemplation. At Ministry of Calm I’ve long been championing calm by helping to create peaceful and uplifting environments for people to live, work and play in. That’s … Read More

Chair that gives refuge from noisy environments

Lovely piece of furniture design by SF studio Mike & Maaike. The aim is to help reduce ambient noise and distractions. I’d love to see this type of seating bringing more calm to public buildings everywhere.