Time to contain the paper monster!

Without a good system, paperwork will invariably pile up and clutter your surfaces and more importantly your headspace. Not only that, when you need something it’s often hard to find and you spend ages sorting through piles of junk. It helps to try and to go ‘paper free’ when you can and reduce the amount of paperwork coming in. See … Read More

Transformation Time! 7 Tips For Getting The Best From Your Home Declutter Kit

Home Declutter Kit in action

Sleeves rolled up? Home Declutter Kit cards laid out? Binbags at the ready? Let’s do it!! With my kit, I wanted to provide a method that’s simple for anyone to follow and that really works. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded! (Happily, these people think so.) Here are a few tips to make sure your own declutter project is an absolute success. 1 DO … Read More

Why it can be so hard to let go of clutter

Article on clutter on welldoing.org

I’m excited that an article I wrote was recently published on welldoing.com. It’s a look at different ways we can be attached to our possessions and homes and how that relationship can be healthy or hazardous. My particular interest centres around the time we begin separation from our main caregiver. You may know from your children, or your own childhood … Read More

Decluttering Boosts Energy – FACT

Decluttering gives you energy by creating space

When our surrounding environment is calm and uncluttered, we invariably feel more energetic, positive and in control. Why? So many reasons! Clutter means unfinished business. It represents decisions that haven’t been made and things that need to be dealt with – which you may not want to face – and indicates a general lack of self-care. Constantly looking at clutter … Read More

Overcoming eight obstacles to a clutter-free creative space – pt 2

Welcome back to part two of my blog. In part one I shared some expert tips for dealing with four common barriers that can stop people creating a supportive and inspiring space that will help them fulfil their creative potential. These barriers are: feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start; distraction and procrastination; lack of motivation; and emotional challenges. Read … Read More

Overcoming eight obstacles to a clutter-free creative space – pt 1

As a creative person, you see things differently to other people. You’ve lots of ideas, a great imagination and loads of energy to start things. The downside is you can sometimes be chaotic and not great at completing and finishing projects. The result: you often have a home or workspace that is piled high with clutter. Mess is okay in … Read More

Why clutter doesn’t sell

Using Helen Sanderson's Home Declutter Kit to organise your home

Talk to any estate agent, interior designer, Feng Shui expert or marketing consultant and they’ll all tell you: aspiration sells. The number one strategy for motivating people to buy something is to inspire them. If your property is over-full and messy, you’re making it very difficult for prospective buyers to see what you’re selling – and more importantly, imagine themselves … Read More

5 tips to help create a calming bedroom

Tips for a calmer bedroom from Helen Sanderson

Make your bedroom your sacred space. A space where you can dwell. A space that you can be. Make your use and experience of this space different to the way you live, interact and move around the rest of your home. Declutter Stuff creates noise! Whether it is just visual noise, clothes not put away or too many books in … Read More