Mindful decluttering: the way to a nurturing and stress-free home

Does the way you use your home help or hinder you to live the kind of life you want? In this blog, prompted by my appearance the Mindful Living Show in 2020, I talk about the difference between mindful and automatic behaviours in the home. I also share some practical ways to get on top of your clutter and create … Read More

Decluttering and the environment

As I write in May 2019, discussions raised by the Extinct Rebellion protests and school strikes prompted by the inspirational Greta Thunberg, have got me reflecting. I have been very moved by her actions and I’ve been thinking about the fact that I work in an industry that essentially generates heaps of waste! I can’t tell you how many bags … Read More

Goodbye paper, hello desk – declutter your paperwork

It’s time to take back control of your desk and declutter your paperwork. It not only clutters up your drawers and surfaces but also drains a lot of mental energy and demands attention. Here are my suggestions for maintaining manageable levels of paperwork in your home.  One: reduce the amount of paperwork coming in. The easiest way to deal with … Read More

Precious memories: when things feel too sentimental to let go

People often tell me they struggle to let things go when they help them connect with precious memories and have lots of meaning or feelings connected to them. I often find it helps to talk for a while in order to better understand what is happening with their attachment to objects and to try and loosen their hold a bit. … Read More

Reflections on time

I love my job. Whilst I trained as an interfaith minister and decided not to practice, I feel that my work as a professional organiser bears many similarities to that role. Just as ministers preside over significant life events such as weddings, births and deaths, I find increasingly I tend to be called into peoples lives at times of transition. … Read More

Guest blog: Decluttering Your Home of Tech And gadgets

As our lives get busier and we accumulate more and more stuff over the years, organizing it all can get hard. And when gadgets start piling up, we can really be throw off of our game – because it is a separate form of clutter. Here’s the worst part – the subject of clutter was studied at major universities in … Read More

Time to contain the paper monster!

Without a good system, paperwork will invariably pile up and clutter your surfaces and more importantly your headspace. Not only that, when you need something it’s often hard to find and you spend ages sorting through piles of junk. It helps to try and to go ‘paper free’ when you can and reduce the amount of paperwork coming in. See … Read More

Transformation Time! 7 Tips For Getting The Best From Your Home Declutter Kit

Home Declutter Kit in action

Sleeves rolled up? Home Declutter Kit cards laid out? Binbags at the ready? Let’s do it!! With my kit, I wanted to provide a method that’s simple for anyone to follow and that really works. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded! (Happily, these people think so.) Here are a few tips to make sure your own declutter project is an absolute success. 1 DO … Read More

Why it can be so hard to let go of clutter

Article on clutter on welldoing.org

I’m excited that an article I wrote was recently published on welldoing.com. It’s a look at different ways we can be attached to our possessions and homes and how that relationship can be healthy or hazardous. My particular interest centres around the time we begin separation from our main caregiver. You may know from your children, or your own childhood … Read More

Decluttering Boosts Energy – FACT

Decluttering gives you energy by creating space

When our surrounding environment is calm and uncluttered, we invariably feel more energetic, positive and in control. Why? So many reasons! Clutter means unfinished business. It represents decisions that haven’t been made and things that need to be dealt with – which you may not want to face – and indicates a general lack of self-care. Constantly looking at clutter … Read More