Decluttering and the environment

As I write in May 2019, discussions raised by the Extinct Rebellion protests and school strikes prompted by the inspirational Greta Thunberg, have got me reflecting. I have been very moved by her actions and I’ve been thinking about the fact that I work in an industry that essentially generates heaps of waste! I can’t tell you how many bags … Read More

Transformation Time! 7 Tips For Getting The Best From Your Home Declutter Kit

Home Declutter Kit in action

Sleeves rolled up? Home Declutter Kit cards laid out? Binbags at the ready? Let’s do it!! With my kit, I wanted to provide a method that’s simple for anyone to follow and that really works. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded! (Happily, these people think so.) Here are a few tips to make sure your own declutter project is an absolute success. 1 DO … Read More