Is your relationship with your space, getting you down?

The way I see it is that your home a relationship like any other. So you might have a relationship with food, or with exercise or with work or creativity.

So what is your relationship like with your home?

Sometimes there are some stubborn habits and behaviours we get into that can cause you to feel down, drained or unsupported by your home.

I am a qualified Voice Dialogue facilitator and I offer a series of coaching sessions to help work with your inner space and your inner psychology so you can live better with yourself.

To find out more, book in a free 20 minute chat below and I can tell you more about how it works.

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Coaching method

I work with the Enneagram, Voice Dialogue and Transactional Analysis tools to help you get clearer on your personality type, your style, and work with yourself, rather than against it.

I am a trained psychotherapeutic counsellor, registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy so I hold a safe space for you to find out more about what is blocking you move forward.

"I found it transformative working with Helen. I felt a sense of overwhelm in my home during a new period of my life. After one session with Helen, I felt calm and clear with a sense of direction and confidence for the future.  I've continued to work with her for several years. Helen is incredibly professional, as well as supportive, calm, intuitive ... her methods, and the insights gained from her psychotherapy training, have really helped me adopt a more systematic, calm, considered approach in all aspects of my life. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough'

Anonymous client