Helen Sanderson is the founder and creative director of Ministry of Calm. She is a space therapist, interior designer, professional organiser, author and public speaker. With her background in psychotherapy, she’s an expert in the psychology of space and the design of quiet rooms and wellbeing environments. Helen speaks regularly at events such as Ideal Home, Mind Body Spirit, Grand Designs Live and 100% Design. She has appeared on BBC Radio, Sky TV and been featured in The Telegraph, Financial Times, Mail, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Red. Helen’s Home Declutter Kit reveals the secrets of a simple six step process that will help you transform your home and clear clutter from your life – fast.

‘Helen has a rare gift for embracing the practical and mundane with skilful insight, which sheds light into the places where it matters most. By addressing the long-term, intractable niggles that have been sapping precious life force over a long period of time, this work helps to liberate people so energy is available once again.’
Marie​, Highgate

More about Helen Sanderson

I offer exclusive, tailored decluttering and personal organising services for people in north London who are unsure how to declutter. My background as an interior designer, along with training in psychotherapy, means I have a unique combination of skills and experience. I work as a personal declutter coach, dealing with each person’s mindset and individual situation, not just their clutter. I am influenced by Jungian psychology, symbols and archetypes and often use this in my work to understand our relationship with our homes.

I have a member of APDO, the Association of Professional Organisers and Declutterers for over 5 years .

I have current checks with the government Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) which helps employers make safer recruitment decisions.

I’ve helped hundreds of people create space, calm and order in their homes. Having seen the positive and transformative effects that decluttering has had on my their lives, I understand that decluttering not only meets a person’s need for physical organisation, but also for emotional and spiritual order.

Beginning my career as an artist, I became fascinated with how spaces affect our emotions and state of mind. In 2005 I founded Ministry of Calm (formerly Quiet Room Designs), designing quiet rooms, multi-faith spaces and wellbeing environments for private clients and organisations such the NHS, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Ministry of Justice and Guardian News and Media Group. I’m passionate about the importance of providing special places people can retreat to for stillness, mindfulness and meditation.

I set up my decluttering business Calm from Clutter in 2007, rebranding as Helen Sanderson in 2016, offering the gold standard in professional organising and decluttering services. I’m convinced that clutter isn’t just about things, it’s often a reflection of those difficult periods in life we all face. Therefore, I work with you as a whole person, not just your clutter. Most importantly, we’ll focus on getting great results and getting them fast so you can start to live free of mental and physical clutter as soon as possible. As well as giving you more room by making better use of the space you have, clearing the clutter in your life will give you greater energy. And more time to focus on the things you really want to do.


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