Exploring the psychology of your home

This will be a rewarding and enlightening weekend and we’ll have some fun as well! Using the home as a starting point, the workshop will explore how and why it has things to communicate to you. We’ll then work with some techniques to gain a greater understanding and create some shifts. My aim is to help you become fully embodied in both yourself and your space.

Watch the video to find out more.

“I really enjoyed this fun, interactive and insightful session. Helen made it easy to engage and share to reap more benefit. The mixture of storytelling, practical exercises and reflection time was just perfect! I highly recommend it.”

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Everything that brings us joy or irritates us about our homes, can lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves

Maybe you have clutter, a dripping tap or a door that creaks. Things that bug us around the house are often representative of things we’re not dealing with.

Using your home as a starting point, we will explore how and why it is a reflection of you and what it is communicating to you. We’ll then work with some techniques to gain a greater understanding and create some shifts. Together we’ll work with the wonderful tool of metaphor. Using your relationship with the home as a key, we’ll unlock insights to help you reclaim and integrate hidden parts of yourself or your life, reconnect with your dreams and fall in love with your home again!

“Helen led a warm, accepting and encouraging workshop. I gained insights about things I’d been carrying for a while that I have now let go of. This feels incredibly liberating. Her unique and carefully facilitated exercises were a catalyst for subtle but important changes.”

Here is a taste of what you will experience on the day

  • In a calm and inspiring atmosphere, we’ll dive deep into a powerful process that will help bring clarity about who you are and what you want in life.
  • I’ll share with you one of my favourite creative exercises. It will be interesting and insightful, but fun and playful too.
  • We will then reflect further on the meanings and process them with other exercises, in groups, pairs and through journalling
  • We’ll finish with an integration session, where everyone will have an opportunity to share their questions and receive personalised feedback and advice from me. This will help you integrate all you discover about yourself during the day into your daily life.

Your home as a mirror of your self has been trying to tell you things, much as your dreams do

Unlocking this insight will empower you. You will also benefit from support and inspiration from like-minded people, practical advice and direction from me. And take away some specific ideas about how to shift some blocks and be more fully yourself.

Expect a quiet contemplative and reflective weekend with fun exercises that take you on a fascinating journey, revealing insights into how to reconnect with yourself. This will be an exciting and revealing experience and as you arrive more fully in your body, you will be better able to fully inhabit your home.

I look forward to sharing this exploration with you!

“A lovely insight into how our surroundings influence and affect our peace of mind.  Too often we accept the niggles of our homes without really focusing on what could be better achieved by fixing the problem or clearing the space.  We all know in our minds the type of homes we wish to live in and the atmospheres we’d like to create, Helen offers helpful tips and guidance to achieving this.”

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