At a basic level decluttering is a process of reducing your possessions. Usually this means getting clear about what you want to keep and reorganizing what is left in a tidy and ordered way so you can find things. But the reality is that it’s rarely that simple. My service is about so much more than that.I’ve been working as a professional declutterer, personal organiser and coach for over ten years; and I’ve seen huge changes in my client’s lives through decluttering the space around them. In truth, decluttering is about so much more than clearing space, it has an impact on many other aspects of our lives.
Right now! One major cause of clutter is procrastination. If you’ve got as far as reading this, it’s pretty certain you will benefit from decluttering. And the longer you put it off the less motivated you will be, and the more you’ll have to do.
You may find it’s good to declutter:

  • when you feel stuck or are looking to make a shift in your life
  • when selling your home
  • before you move and pay to take all those old and unwanted possessions with you
  • after a divorce or separation
  • when a child has moved out
Everyone’s circumstances are different, and the cost of my bespoke service reflects that. If you buy on price you won’t find me the cheapest person on the market, but my premium service is about so much more than just getting rid of stuff. Think of it as an investment in your wellbeing and future growth. An initial 20 minutes phone consultation is absolutely free, so why not book one today?
To be blunt: if you could really do it on your own, why haven’t you? At the core of my work is helping you see why you are holding on to things. Once you understand that it becomes easier to make those changes. You may hear this from a partner or relative. But even those close to us don’t always get what’s behind our problems and sadly, sometimes may even have a vested interest in us staying as we are. It’s your life and it’s your choice: do you want to change and grow or would you rather stay where you are? If you’re ready, I’m here to help. You don’t have to do this alone. See how the support of a declutter coach helps
Everyone and every home is so different, some people work fast and others don’t. It is up to you. Naturally, we’ll go at a pace that works for you. One thing’s for sure: with my support you’ll get it done a lot quicker.
Almost everyone I’ve worked with has found they have more energy, self-respect, mental clarity and creativity after dealing with their clutter. Especially if it had been like that for a while. To hear more watch my video or read some testimonials.
That’s a great question and the answer’s different for everyone. Some people are creative and like to collect things and simply don’t have the money for a studio or room in their home. Then it accumulates. Some people just have inherited bad habits and never learned how to organize things – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most people struggle with paperwork, the never ending papers that you don’t know where to put just pile up. A good system can help.
No. My job is to guide you through the forest of your stuff to a bright clearing in the trees. If we find that you want to keep everything and we are going around in circles, I might strongly encourage you, but it is your home and they are your choices.
I’ll guide you on how best to stay tidy, but we offer follow up sessions if needed. Some people ask me to come back every six months and we reclaim the equilibrium, others are so inspired that they stay clutter free. It’s so much easier to stay clutter free once you have been through the process and you know where to put things.
Most people feel emotionally relieved and excited at the possibility of change and are more motivated than ever, if a little tired. Some people may feel a bit overwhelmed, for this reason I offer two free telephone support calls between sessions.
Payment must be made on the day in cash or in advance by bank transfer. You can save money by buying packages of sessions, these are payable in advance.
I will often offer suggestions as we work and we may make some changes to your space, however a full interior design service is not included in the cost of decluttering. This can be arranged separately, see our interior design pages for more details.
Yes, I travel all over the UK to help people declutter. I even made it as far as Orkney once! Obviously, my fee would reflect any travelling costs. I also offer an online mentoring service.