Tackling a decluttering project? Here are some handy decluttering tips that might make it a little easier. You can also check out theseĀ helpful links or take my clutter quiz. If you decide you want some help with your project, please get in touch and book a free 20 minutes phone consultation.

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Downsizing decluttering tips

Moving to a smaller home and want to create some extra room? Here is a video with some handy tips.

Animated decluttering tips

Struggling to deal with your clutter? Here are some handy decluttering tips in animated form. They will help you tackle the most common barriers to a successful decluttering project. These include denial, overwhelm, not setting clear goals, procrastination, starting too big, and not pacing yourself. I hope they are helpful and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Decluttering tips #1 - Overcome denial

Denial is one of the biggest obstacles to dealing with a clutter problem. After all, if you don't acknowledge you have a problem, you are unlikely to do anything about it. Here's my tip to bust that denial.

If you need some more help, this article will help you to conquer denial.

Decluttering tips #2 - Set clear goals

If you don't start off being clear about what you are going to do, how will you know if you have achieved it? Start by setting some clear, realistic goals and your declutter project is much more likely to be successful.

Here's some great advice on setting goals.

Decluttering tips #3 - Pace yourself

Don't try to do too much or you may burn out. Set a clear timetable, including some breaks and it will go much more smoothly. Pay attention to your energy levels and take care or yourself. This article has some really helpful advice on pacing yourself.

Decluttering tips #4 - Don't avoid dealing with procrastination

Let's face it, decluttering isn't most people's favourite activity. So you are likely to find ways to put it off and get easily distracted. Here are some practical tips for dealing with procrastination.

Decluttering tips #5 - Don't start too big

Try to tackle too much and you may get discouraged or reinforce the idea that it's just impossible. Start with one area or room and set aside enough time to get it finished.

Decluttering tips #6 - A place for everything and everything in its place

Imagine knowing where everything can be found. Take some time to think about how to best organise and store your things rather than just putting them pack where they came from. Maybe there are better places than where they've always been. Take the chance to reassess your storage when you are decluttering and you could reap the benefits for years to come.

Decluttering tips #7 - Beware of all or nothing thinking

Decluttering is about choices, not just throwing everything out. Don't think decluttering means have to get rid of things you want to keep, remember: you are in charge. At the same time that doesn't mean just keeping everything either, be open to letting of things that no longer serve you. This blog might help If you want to understand more about all or nothing thinking.

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