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Declutter workshop for creatives

I’m delighted to announce my workshop for artists, crafters and any creatives at The Village Haberdashery, West Hampstead, 7pm Wed 24 Jan. Many people think being surrounded by messy piles of inspiration and art & craft materials is vital to being creative. The reality is a decluttered space can do far more to help the creative process. Say goodbye to unnecessary stuff crowding up your space and hello to new habits that help you focus on what you’re passionate about.  click to book or for details.

Declutter - Helen Sanderson creating calm from clutter

Decluttering and organising

It never ceases to amaze me the changes that happen when I declutter and organise a client’s space. A new energy emerges from beneath the clutter. People often tell me they feel a surge of power and very often significant things start to shift. Subsequently, family relationships improve, new possibilities open up, promotions at work, new relationships, shifts in therapy. Make room for your future,  book a free phone consultation here or click to read more

Interior design Helen Sanderson creating calm from clutter

Interior design

I believe that space can heal. Poorly designed, cluttered spaces are negative and destructive forces in our lives, draining rather than supporting us. Beautiful, calming and uplifting spaces can enhance our lives and improve our wellbeing.
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Helen Sanderson mentoring


My exclusive mentoring programme supports people to focus their attention on moving their life into a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and integrated place. I offer a clear pathway to your future, and you’ll feel supported and held in a transition phase. read more

Helen Sanderson workshops


Your home is a reflection of your psyche. By uncovering the metaphors revealed in your home you can develop a deeper understanding of where you are stuck and the neglected areas of your life. This understanding paves the way to a new life.
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Is your home helping you grow?

Hello. I’m Helen Sanderson and I’ve been working with people to support transformation and change for over 20 years. I believe the spaces we live in can either support our growth or hold us back. Just as carrying around emotional baggage can stop us from evolving, so the physical clutter that we surround ourselves with gets in the way of us living the life we want.

My insight from working with dozens of people like you is that our spaces and mindsets are closely linked. And dealing with one without addressing the other is the reason clutter comes back or emotional baggage just won’t shift. That’s why my work is about so much more than tidying up or getting rid of stuff. In addition to my holistic declutter coaching, I run workshops to help you dive deeper into how your home is affecting you. And for people who want ongoing support once the clutter is gone, there’s my mentoring programme. Finally, my interior design service can bring a beauty and harmony to your home that will truly support, inspire and nurture you.